Colloidal Silver was the antibiotic of choice before penicillan and other chemical antibiotics were discovered.
Colloidal Silver unlike their manufactured counterparts is anti bacterial - anti viral and is a natural substance which bactiria and germs are unable to mutate against, so will not contribute to the new superbug phenominnon

So Amazing you won't believe it

An all natural mineral suppliment

Silver colloidals are recognized as a
This is a suspension of Silver in deionized water with no additives or coloring. This product is guaranteed to be the highest quality and one of the most effective silver micronutrient products available with anti viral/bacterial properties.
For suggested uses and for more extensive instructions check here

Silver Dispensing Kit
This kit is used to administer the colloidals.
The dropper is for ears and eyes.
The blue bottle is a sprayer for nasal administration and included
is a spray top that replaces the regular top on the large bottle

Super C&P-Max™

Super C&P-Max™
Concentrated Double
Strength Silver Micronutrient

Recognized as a premier
all Natural Mineral Supplement.
Super C&P-Max is a state of the art, double-strength,
micronutrient suspension
of silver in deionized water.
This product is guaranteed to
be the highest quality and one of the most effective double strength silver micronutrient
products available.

For systemic or chronic conditions marked with an astrix use the Super C&P Max. For a more detailed list of instructions for the most common uses of silver click here

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